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Specialized Services

For additional information regarding services, please contact Distribution at Blood Bank of Hawaii by calling (808) 848-4700.



Therapeutic Phlebotomy

BBH offers therapeutic phlebotomy for patients with hematological diseases/red cell disorders, hereditary hemochromatosis, and severe secondary polycythemia due to an underlying medical condition or medication.

To schedule a therapeutic phlebotomy for a patient, determine the number or frequency of the phlebotomy and the hemoglobin level above which phlebotomy should be performed. Complete the Therapeutic Phlebotomy Physician's Request and Consent Form.

Medical Consultation

BBH is the blood banking and transfusion medicine resource for Hawaii's physicians and patients, offering 24/7 assistance to hospital partners. A BBH physician is on call at all times to resolve problems or provide medical consultation in identifying the best possible blood products for patients in need.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee is a group comprised of representatives of facilities served by Blood Bank of Hawaii. Its purpose is to provide a forum to discuss trending issues in the field of transfusion medicine as well as issues related to service and product delivery.


Collaboration is key to advancing care for Hawaii's patients. BBH is proud to offer clinical education to help healthcare professions in our community improve their medical and scientific knowledge. For schools and organizations interested in our life-saving work, BBH offers workshops, lectures, seminars, tours and advisory committee meetings. Our educational opportunities are easily accessible, high-quality and delivered by experts in the field.

Reference Laboratory Services

The Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) provides specialized services to assist hospitals:

  • Testing and consultation services for solving patients' red blood cell serological problems
  • Antigen-negative blood for patients with red cell antibodies or to prevent the formation of red cell alloantibodies in patients who require frequent blood transfusions
  • Search and acquisition of units for patients with rare phenotypes, involving red blood cells and platelets
  • Search and acquisition of HLA-compatible platelet units for patients who are refractory to platelet transfusions due to antibodies directed against HLA antigens. IRL staff can also help coordinate laboratory testing of patients to determine the presence of immune platelet refractoriness. Testing may include HLA antibody screening, HLA antibody specificity, or HLA typing of patients.

The IRL is always staffed. On-site staff is available most hours. During the following times when on-site staff is unavailable, on-call staff is available for emergency testing:

  • Monday, 4:30pm - 11:00pm
  • Friday, 10:30pm - Saturday, 6:30am
  • Saturday, 10:30pm - Sunday, 6:30am
  • Sunday, 3:00pm - 11:00pm